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How to avoid the social climb & manifest your way

In the digital age, we are controlled by the next best thing — from what we buy and where we travel to who we date and befriend. Even in the conscious community, many are on a constant social climb to find the ultimate “chill vibe” with the “coolest of cool people” in the “sickest of sick places.” Why? Because we’re still human and society tells us to strive; it’s good for self-evolution, but more often than not, it can cause us to live a life we can’t afford or we don’t necessarily want.

1. Nothing and no one is as intimidating as they seem

2. Stop putting yourself in situations you already know make you unhappy

3. Stick to what you know and if it reminds you of the person you want to be, stay there

4. Sometimes doing less is so much more

5. You’re going to get there anyway

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