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Who's Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a passionate yogi, active meditator & talented musician. She aspires to be inspiration for following one’s heart to achieve any goal or dream!

Her journey into wellness didn’t come easy – as they rarely do. She recalls a period during her college years where she was overworked, overwhelmed with stress, and unable to sleep. So much, she found she was often unfocused, disoriented, and living the life of an insomniac. Turning to meditation, a practice she learned early in life, she began to find relief. She found the moving meditation of Vinyasa yoga to be the missing piece that connected her history of movement and music together. Like dance, it gave her an outlet to express her creativity and release any tensions, while increasing her energy and sense of well-being.

Combining her love and talent for music, movement and meditation, she was able to find herself again. Elizabeth encourages her students to ‘let their breath be their music, and the music lead their movement.’ This mantra was her guide to self discovery, and one she openly shares with all. After three years of a dedicated practice, she watched her quality of life improve. She was, in her words “simply happier!” Taking her passion for yoga forward, she earned a 200 hr certification in Vinyasa Power Yoga.

Wanting to further explore her creativity, In 2017 after leaving Event Marketing Company “Secret Sauce” Elizabeth launched Content Creation Company “Wildflower Affect” and the following year, August 2018, her first ever solo produced charitable event “Vino To Vinyasa”. From that point forward, Elizabeth has begun actively bringing the wellness community of Miami, Fl together through Events.

Using her knowledge & experience in Social Media & Influential Marketing, incepting her most recent concept, The Modern Middle; the “Zen” spin on Brand strategy dedicated to the conscious community. Elizabeth hopes to lead by example, the modern day “Influencer”; promoting Wellness, giving back to the community, and inspiring all she encounters.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the best Creatives in Miami,Fl both in front of, and behind the camera! Content Creation has a special place in my heart, I really respect the craft & grateful for the opportunity to grow with so many freelance photographers.”

“Trust yourself, you’ve been right before.”


I've been honored to collaborate with growing wellness brands, venues, hotels & spas all over the country.